LED Track Light Series

10W LED Track Light

Part No:TL14L-COB10W
LED: Bridgelux COB
Power: 10W
Luments: 650lm
Beam angle: 38 / 60degrees

LED Track Light 20W

Part No: TL17-COB 20W
Power: 20W
Lumens: 1600lm
Beam angle: 24 degrees

30W LED Track Light

Part No: TL18-COB30W
LED: Cree chip COB
Power: 30W
Lumens: 2500lm
Beam angle: 24 degrees

40W LED Track Light

Part No: TL20-COB40W
Power: 40W
Lumens: 3200 Lumens
Beam angle: 24 degrees

application of LED Track Light

Track mounted spot fittings have a wide range of applications where low heat and energy saving is essential as in lighting for display cabinets, highlighting paintings, art galleries, home lighting and shop display lighting, etc.
Note : Lights are available in silver, black or white finish.